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Who am I?

who am i?

I am a storyteller just like you. This is my core identity. And I have three core Beliefs as a Storyteller.

who am i?
who am i?
who am i?

My three core Values are clarity – system – excitement

1. Clarity

who am i?

2. System
a pattern, a template, a process of learning and understanding of how to go from point A to point B.

who am i?

3. Excitement
is an emotional state to sustain my behaviour in the present moment.

who am i?

NeuroVoice Mission
To provide customizable training programs for serious learners, fun-seekers & backbenchers. Making learning process powerfully entertaining.

NeuroVoice Vision
To Facilitate :

1st stage: self-awareness as a speaker

2nd stage: meaningful conversations from the core

3rd stage: the pursuit of uniqueness

Now let’s discover some powerful things about you…

What is your core identity?

What is your most powerful Philosophy as a speaker?

What is your strongest Belief as a Speaker?

Curious enough?

Shoot me questions you have on Public Speaking. Let’s connect.



"Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now."
Do you want be the Best  or do you want to be Different ?