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How do we train?

who am i?
How do we learn?
How do we train?
How do we enjoy Public Speaking at Neurovoice?

Stage 1: Self-awareness as a Speaker. Who am I when I am Speaking?

Stage 2: Self-awareness of my Desired Audience- who is my Desired Audience?

Stage 3: Self-Awareness of my Abilities, Knacks and Skills as a speaker.

Rediscovering Your style of influence and Your style of persuasion as a speaker.

Self-awareness of language
Language, words, sentences are the CONTENT of your speech
“I need to speak to you” v/s “I need to talk to you”
Are you aware how your words affect your listener’s attention?

Are you aware of the CONTEXTS you refer to as you speak?
Who are you? Where are you? What is your talk on? When are you speaking?
Where are you speaking? How are you speaking? How long is your talk?

Are you aware of the FRAME you are communicating ?
How to start with curiosity and be different?
How to choose and share a story that your audience can relate with ?
How to add suspense and keep your audience thrilled ?
How to add humour to entertain your audience ?
How to build your live talk without any written preparation ?
How to build you own template (rather than a speech or a script) to be natural and spontaneous ?
Learn concept mapping to interconnect your knowledge and experience to develop stories whenever you speak in public.

And many more unexplored strategies with NeuroVoice.
Shoot me questions you have on Public Speaking.

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