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The TOP 7 Skills to differentiate your Style of Public Speaking

1. Self-identity: you have two beliefs to begin with: “my speech today is the same as the previous one” OR “my every speech is a new experience as there is always something new to learn”. When you choose to believe the second one you can become aware of the identity you will project today with your words. Stop trying to be a great public speaker, greatness is subjective.

2. Defining your Audience: second most powerful skill- learn to identify your desired audience and how to engage them. Why are they listening to you? What are you offering them?

3. Design: Start – Explain – Closure- your walk is the first thing your audience will notice, so make sure it is the most important walk of your day. Then begin either with your signature style or create new methods to influence instant attention. As you head with your story learn to use examples, metaphors, humour and contrast ideas to generate “aha!” moments for your audience. And keep in mind your closure will stay with them; it is called the recency effect.

4. Design Humour: why just humour learn to develop suspense (not mystery) and contrast to create drama (not melodrama).

5. Design Gestures: are you aware how your hands move when you talk? Are you aware how your eyes move when you talk?

6. Design your pace – tone – volume: Learn to modulate your speed of talking, tonality variations and the range of your volume.

7. Responding to Q&A: this allows you to reach your desired audience and to address their specific questions, problems and challenges. Maximise this opportunity to project your expertise.

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